From the creator of Electronic Rent

Hi, I'm Steve.  I'm a small landlord just like you. 

I got tired of co-ordinating with tenants to pick up the rent, or relying on them to mail or drop it off on time. With just a few apartments, I was running around picking up checks (or chasing after people to send them) for a week or two. Every month. I thought to myself, there has got to be a better way.

I use the auto-pay option for a lot of my bills, and my tenants do the same for theirs. Wouldn't it be great if there was auto-pay for the rent? Yes! 

Now there's only one problem - actually making it happen. 

I tried setting it up through my bank. Convincing them to set it up was the easy part, and only the beginning of my troubles there. I tried other services. Most of them wanted to work with property managers that have 100 units, not with me. The ones that would work with me for just a few units really didn't care, weren't reliable or charge too much.

You know what they say, if you want something done right... So I created Electronic Rent. Now I spend zero time or effort picking up checks or chasing down ones I don't have yet. And the best part? Everyone pays right on time. It's all automatic. The tenants all know they have to have the money when it is due, and they all pay right on time. There's nothing to keep track of.

I heard from other landlords that their tenants always drop off the check right on time, every month. I'm sure some of them actually do. Whether you believe them or not, the fact is they are relying on their tenants. The good ones pretty much always do. Why not make it easy for them to be good?

The tenants like it because it's convenient for them, too. If they don't want to sign up, the number one, two and three reasons are that they aren't sure they will have the money - and wouldn't you like to find out about that before you are banging on their door trying to collect money they don't have?

I also have a lot of friends who live in condos. The treasurer on their condo board was always in the same boat that I was - running around picking up checks, tracking down the ones that had not been dropped off yet. Same problem, same solution - collect electronically! The Electronic Rent service is perfect for collecting association fees, too.