Questions & Answers about Electronic Rent
How does Electronic Rent make it easy to collect rent?

Electronic Rent works just like the auto-pay that you or your tenants may already use to pay the phone bill or electric bill. No writing checks and no envelopes for your tenants, no trips to the bank for you!

On the first of every month, the Electronic Rent service will automatically transfer the amount of the rent from your tenant's bank account using an electronic ACH transaction. When the transaction clears after two business days, the rent will be credited to your bank account through another electronic transaction.

Electronic Rent makes it easy for tenants to pay their rent on time, and easy for you to collect it.

How does Electronic Rent make sure the rent is on time, every month?

Electronic Rent is totally automatic. Our system will collect the rent automatically on the first banking day of every month, then deposit the funds in your account. Your tenants don't have to remember to write a check, drop one off or mail one. If rent is not due on the first of the month, we can arrange an alternate debit day.

Have you ever heard excuses like "I couldn't find an envelope", or "the check is in the mail"? Automatic rent collection with Electronic Rent eliminates paper checks, envelopes or stamps - and replaces them with automatic, electronic transactions. With Electronic Rent your rent collection will always be on-time!.

How does Electronic Rent save me time and hassle?

Electronic Rent eliminates paper checks, and uses automatic electronic transactions instead. Your time is valuable, and it takes time to pick up checks, endorse them, and go to the bank to deposit them.

Have you ever had a tenant forget to sign a check, or make their check out incorrectly? With any kind of mistake it's a hassle to return the check, have the tenant write out a new one, and make another trip to the bank to deposit it. Electronic Rent eliminates that kind of mistake for good.

Maybe you need to be out of town on the first of the month, or want to be on vacation. Don't be tied to your rentals every month, or hire a manager just to pick up and deposit checks. With Electronic Rent, we will collect the rent for you, on time, every month, and deposit it right to your bank account. 

Why choose Electronic Rent?

We are small landlords just like you, so we created the Electronic Rent service to make being a small landlord just a little bit easier.

Big companies offer auto-pay options because it is easier and more reliable for them, not to mention more convenient for their customers. Now, you can offer the same kind of service to make life easier and more reliable for you, and more convenient for your tenants. Making it easy to pay rent means your tenants will be on time, and happier too!

What if my residents don't have computers?

No problem!  You and your tenants don't have to log onto the Internet or even have computers to use Electronic Rent. We can set everything up with a paper form that you can fax or mail. If you have e-mail, the service will send you an email every month to let you know the rent was collected. We can e-mail your tenants, too, and remind them their rent is due.