Reasons to sign up for Electronic Rent

Get the rent on time, every month

The best reason to sign up - Electronic Rent's automatic transactions mean the rent will be on-time, every month! Automatic payments are reliable, on-time payments.

Don't be tied to your property

Because Electronic Rent is automatic, you don't have to be there to collect the rent. More than a few miles from your property? Planning a vacation or a business trip? Electronic Rent means you won't be tied to your property.

Avoid the hassle of running to the bank

No more picking up checks or trips to the bank to deposit them. Electronic Rent makes everything automatic!

Keep your tenants happy

Your tenants have busy lives, too, so it's easier for them when you collect rent electronically. They won't have to write a check for you to pick up, or mail it. Plus, they won't have to worry about being late when it is automatic.

Time is money

How much time do you really spend collecting? Calling your tenant to make sure they are home, driving over to the apartment, going to the bank, preparing the deposit. It's even more if you have to make a second trip or deal with an incomplete or bad check. Even an hour every month adds up when you have more important things to do with your valuable time. So stop spending time collecting rent from your own property... sign up for Electronic Rent today!